Tutor Groups

As part of our Hallmark Programme we have year group tutor groups. Our Hallmark Programme is a sequenced and coherent personal development programme of Assemblies, Tutor Time and Life Lessons that instils our Hallmarks of Industry, Innovation and Integrity. 

Tutor Time provides robust age appropriate guidance and academic and pastoral monitoring. Students engage positively with each other and our tutors evoke a strong team spirit. Tutor groups are named after different countries each linking to a continent e.g. Africa, Europe, Asia . Tutor time operates at between 10:25am and 11:00am for 20 minutes. Each tutor delivers a comprehensive programme to support our Intrinsic Curriculum - which builds our inclusive, caring culture and ethos and our Enhancement Curriculum - which fosters personal development and social understanding complementing our Academic curriculum. 

The tutor programme promotes and monitors attendance, conduct and praise and encourages students to engage in our wider Elective curriculum enrichment opportunities such as after school activities, sport and performance activities and trips and visits . Tutors engage tutees in Tutor Time reading, an Assembly, a reflection on the Assembly from that week, Mental Health and Wellbeing and a celebration of the achievements and attendance of students. Key Stage 4 students focus on the development of wider organisational, literacy and numeracy skills in addition. 

Tutors will ensure that all students understand our Academy Conduct Expectations (ACE) and value and understand the Hallmarks of Industry, Innovation and Integrity . Assemblies are attended in tutor time so that they are age specific. The programme will meet the emerging needs of students and community, while always ensuring that students are exposed to high quality speakers who give concrete examples of our Hallmarks in action.