The Outwood Honours Programme - “Be Extraordinary”

The Honours programme is our very own online badge-based platform allowing students to gain praise and recognition for their own personal development, character development, talent development and personal achievements.

Students can currently access up to 100 badges and work towards achieving them. The badges span the 4 areas of our secondary transformative curriculum; intrinsic, academic, enhancement and elective. Students can gain Honours for achievements both within the academy, in their personal lives and for work in the wider community.

This system is a first of its kind for a Trust and we are hugely excited about the vast opportunities that this gives our students access to. Furthermore, many of the Honours badges celebrate the tangible contribution of students to their school and their community and focus on development of the personal traits and characteristics that will make them successful in their future lives.

Students can access the Honours system directly through the Outwood Portal. Once on the Honours landing page they can see badges earned, badges requested and browse the badge catalogue to request new badges. These requests go directly to our tutors in school who will speak with students about their request and ask for evidence of what they have done.

Screenshot of the Outwood Honours Programme within the Outwood Portal

Please remember that there are numerous badges to celebrate achievements both within the academy and things that students do in their own time at home or in the community. From September 2024, the number of Honours that a student has received will also be shown on their Praising Stars report.

From time to time, special limited edition badges become available on the Honours system. Look out for these as they are time-limited and very rare across the Trust.

A selection of badge images from the Honours Programme