Immunisation Clinic Info for Y8 & Y9 parents/carers

Mon 13 May 2024
If your child is still outstanding their school age immunisations you can attending one of the following drop in clinics:
25/May/2024    09:30-13:00              Concord Sports Centre S5 6AE
29/May/2024   09.30- 15:00              Darnall Primary Care Centre, S9 4QH
30/May/2024   09.30-15:00               Tapton Hall, S10 3BU
31/May/2024   09.30-15:00               Isobel Bowler Sports Centre, S20 8FA
Plus Every Thursday, Fir Vale Community Hub, S4 8GU 15:30 – 17:15           
These are all drop in clinics. You do not need an appointment.
School Aged Immunisation Service