The Academy’s Pledges initiative ensures that students understand the value of extra-curricular involvement within and outside of the Academy. Through meeting the ten Pledges, that range from attending enrichment activities to organising fundraising events, students gain confidence and valuable life experiences that will help to prepare them for life beyond Outwood Academy City.

The Pledges:

Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after Academy activity

There are many after school enrichments which are offered by different departments in the Academy. The most important thing is that students enjoy the enrichments which they take part in, but they can also offer wonderful opportunities.

Sports enrichments offer students the opportunity to develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
Music enrichments also develop cooperation and communication skills, as well as expanding other areas such as commitment, patience and discipline.

Subject enrichments allow students to demonstrate their deep interest in a subject and build up skills which will allow them to study subjects at a higher level. Attending subject enrichments which are not related to the area of study or work which a student hopes to follow demonstrate broader interests.

Although students only need to attend an enrichment for one term to gain their pledge we hope that they will find an interest which they can pursue for much longer.

Pledge 2: Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event

Representing the Academy in sports, music or academically can make a job or university application really stand out. Being one of the best students in the Academy in a particular area is a real accomplishment. There are several opportunities to excel at Outwood Academy City. Our students have played sports at county and national level. Other students have taken part in the National Maths Challenge. As well as the transferable skills which students achieve from entering these competitions; the pride of representing the Academy is immeasurable.

Pledge 3: Take part in an Outward Bound residential programme

During year 9 Academy students are offered the chance to attend an Outward Bound residential programme. This trip is offered as reward to students who graduate from Year 8 and is physically and mentally demanding as well as being great fun and allows students to practise teamwork, communication and resilience; excellent qualities which stand them in good stead for future study or work.

Pledge 4: Attend a national sporting, academic or cultural event

Outwood Academy City offers opportunities for students to attend national events. These include watching sportsmen and women competing at top venues, attending performances, or concerts & exhibitions. These experiences broaden a student’s horizons and interests.

Pledge 5: Take part in an Academy production or event

Taking part in a production or academy event requires organisation, confidence, cooperation and communication skills. These transferable skills are invaluable in study and in the workplace and completing this pledge allows students to develop and demonstrate these skills.

Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience

Students are offered many opportunities in and out of lessons to complete this pledge. Standing up in front of an audience requires confidence and communication skills.

Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience

The Academy has links with schools throughout the World and there are several chances for students to become involved with students from other countries. Whether this takes place within the Academy via internet links or involves visiting another country, students can obtain valuable transferable skills and qualities from their international experiences. In the 2018 Easter holidays 55 students will visit Barcelona as part of a tour based around Football which will include visits the famous Camp Nou stadium and Las Ramblas and allow our student’s to interact with and experience different cultures. Communication is very important in this pledge but resilience, confidence and cooperation also feature highly. Students who have been involved with an international events will be able to write assuredly about their experiences in applications.

Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience

There are some opportunities to be involved with the community through the Academy but this is really a pledge which involves students getting involved with their own local communities.

Pledge 9: Participate in a fund raising event in the Academy

There are a variety of fund-raising events which take place throughout the academic year and students who are passionate about a particular charity can apply for permission to run their own fund-raising event. In terms of UCAS or apprenticeship applications the organisation of a fund-raising event has many transferable skills such as organisation, communication, cooperation, creativity and resilience.

Pledge 10: Help with the sustainability of the Academy

Sustainability is about looking after our environment and there are many ways which students can contribute to the sustainability of the Academy. A way in which this can also impact on desirable attributes for university or job applications is for students to become involved in coordinating or promoting the sustainable projects.