Vertical Mentoring Groups

A VMG is a Vertical Mentor Group which includes students from Year 7 through to Year 11. There is a 20 minute session every day. VMGs each have a country, and together, all Vertical Mentoring Groups form five continents: Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceania and Europe. There is an assembly once a week which focuses on key elements of the Learning Model such as Stephen Covey’s ‘seven habits of highly effective people’, topical issues or special events.

All VMGs have a teacher assigned to them. Each VMG teacher will deliver various activities throughout the week. These activities promote numeracy, literacy, SMSC and higher level thinking skills. Each VMG has elected representatives to feedback to the Deep Experience team on key issues addressed by the student population and thus help actively promote Student Voice in school.

Year 7

Students are assigned to VMGs randomly, we do not match students with their friends as this does not support the ethos of everyone working collaboratively across year groups. It also becomes tricky to meet everyone’s needs and therefore a random approach is taken. In VMGs students will be supported by older students who act as mentors to them to ensure they feel secure and happy in all aspects of their school life.