James Colliver - Associate Assistant Principal

James started his journey at Outwood Academy City, formerly The City School, in 2006 as a Cover Supervisor before joining the Inclusion Team as a Learning Manager in 2009. During his time at the Academy, James has held several responsibilities but his main focus throughout has always been putting students first.

James has held a leadership role in the Deeps since September 2014 and has played an integral part; building links with the community as well as developing positive relationships with our feeder schools. James is very pleased that the Academy will be at capacity with its intake of Year 7 students in September 2017. By gaining vital experience whilst developing his skills, James has had further responsibilities for Student and Parent Voice and the Cutlers' Programme, 'Made in Sheffield'. James is also a valued member of the Academy's Safeguarding Team.

Following the Academy's conversion in January 2014, James has been involved with the senior leadership of the Academy; contributing to the rapid progress that has been made. Everyday James looks forward to working with so many inspiring students, both socially and academically, to support every student to achieve their absolute best.