Chelsea Allen - Assistant Principal

Driven by the fervent belief that demography doesn’t have to be destiny and that the attainment gap which is so entrenched in our society is not inevitable, Chelsea began her teaching career on the TeachFirst programme in 2011 at Outwood Academy Shafton. Throughout her time at this academy she held a wide range of whole-academy leadership responsibilities. Notably, as an Associate Assistant Principal charged with creating a more open, fluid and dynamic approach to teaching and learning, Chelsea took a key lead on responsibilities such as the introduction and embedment of the collaborative learning structures; the creation of focused and varied VMG activities; the organisation of revision events such as the Revision Festival; and the establishment of staff coaching programmes. Additionally, in her role as Lead Teacher of Maths, Chelsea also supported other maths teachers at Shafton to improve their effectiveness, modelling excellent maths mastery practise and providing professional mentoring.

Chelsea is incredibly excited to assume her new role as Assistant Principal at Outwood Academy City. Within this role her responsibilities will include; raising student achievement by developing and implementing a Numeracy strategy across the academy; ensuring that collaborative learning is fully embedded within every classroom so that every student is receiving the same, rich teaching and learning diet; creating opportunities for student revision by working closely with both students and parents; developing the praise and reward systems within the academy and supporting the introduction of the new marking and assessment policy.

With students at the heart of everything she does, Chelsea believes that within this role she can make a full and varied contribution to the development of the Deeps and thus help to further drive Outwood Academy City forward on its trajectory towards outstanding.