The light, airy well-stocked academy Library is hard to miss as it is prominently positioned at the front of the school. It has recently been extended and now boasts a reading area with settee and bean bags. This is an area set aside for our higher level readers to select their books.

The Library has approximately 18,000 books available from a wide range of genres including: Popular Authors & Funny Books, Real-life & Relationships, Adventure & Fantasy, Quick Reads, Graphic Novels and Illustrated (picture) Books. The shorter, dyslexia-friendly Quick Read books are always kept on separate trolleys.

Enrichment Opportunities In The Library

The Library is open to students from 7:45am daily and closes at 3:30pm, with the exception of Tuesdays where the Library is not open to students after school.

Monday – Lego Club/’Outlook’ Media Group
Wednesday – Homework club
Thursday – Scrabble Club
Friday – Film Club

Accelerated Reader

There have been many academic studies, and much research, into the benefits of reading, but they can all be distilled into one undeniable fact that:

A student who reads regularly in their own time will be a student who has developed a wider vocabulary, they will read more fluently and, most importantly of all, they will able to better comprehend (understand) what they have read.

Outwood Academy City acknowledges that literacy is fundamental to every lesson as every time a student writes, reads, speaks or listens they are potentially developing good skills and habits which will have a life-long impact. A child who has never properly acquired the tools they will need to be able to read fluently, and with confidence, will struggle to fully access the lessons they will attend in the course of their secondary education.

We, as parents and teachers, know that very few children will be motivated enough to do something without being encouraged – which is where the Accelerated Reader (AR) programme comes in. AR takes things a stage further through a personalised and guided, programme which offers feedback and instructional support tailored to the needs of your child.

How It Works
It is similar to the reading schemes used in primary school; the difference being that before the next book can be read, an online multiple choice quiz must be completed and passed. Students’ progress is monitored digitally and they will be set personal reading and quizzing targets each half term – but every student should aspire to have read one million words by the end of each academic year.

For more information visit the Renaissance Learning website.