Learning Managers

The Learning Managers are non-teaching members of staff, responsible for the wellbeing, behaviour and most importantly the learning and achievement of the students in their year group. They work closely with teachers, Heads of Departments, the Senior Leadership Team, the Attendance team, other agencies and parents/carers. Between them, they have a variety of qualifications and combine their experience and skills to achieve the best outcomes for our young people.

As they do not have teaching commitments, they are available to assist during lessons; supporting our students and tracking their effort and progress. This is documented every six weeks through the Praising Stars report cycle.

The Learning Managers have high profiles around the Academy and are accessible to parents. They will always aim to return calls the same day, where possible. Sharing an email address will also make contact easier. The role often involves pastoral care and the Learning Managers work closely to support students and parents during times of need.

If you wish to meet with your child’s Learning Manager, please make an appointment using the contact details below.


Year 7 - Samantha Simpson

Email: S.Simpson@city.outwood.com Telephone: 0114 235 8120 Ext: 208

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Year 8 - Joanne Tapper

Email: J.Tapper@city.outwood.com Telephone: 0114 235 8120 Ext: 210

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Year 9 - Andy Stevens

Email: A.Stevens@city.outwood.com Telephone: 0114 235 8120

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Year 10 - Paige Unwin

Email: P.Unwin@city.outwood.com Telephone: 0114 235 8120 Ext: 211

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Year 11 - James Colliver

Email: J.Colliver@city.outwood.com Telephone: 0114 235 8120 Ext: 209

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