Emergency Food Parcel Request

Provision of emergency food

The foodbank has been established to provide short term, emergency food to individuals and families in crisis.

This is a project which involves the whole Outwood community!

There is no charge for the food, but it is given on the understanding that it is not resold.

Our food parcels include cereal, milk, fruit juice, soup, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and pudding, providing balanced and nutritional meals for a minimum of three days. The quantity of food given is dependent upon the number of adults and children in the family.

Clients are consulted on their basic dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, baby food etc. Outside of these requirements, our parcels are prepared according to nutritional recommendations and according to our stock levels. We are unable to offer bespoke orders to individual clients.

We can only provide this service by the generosity of others, who have supplied food, and monetary donations to purchase food, therefore the emergency food parcels will be given based on your level of need, we will however, do our utmost to support as many families as possible within the community.

Referral process

On receipt of a voucher, the client should take it to our visitor’s reception. Outwood Academy City will then exchange the voucher for a 3 day food parcel which the client can carry away in carrier bags, giving them a degree of anonymity. Collections can be made from the Academy Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 2:30pm.

We occasionally stock some essential non-food items which clients may benefit from such as household items, toiletries, nappies, baby food, and sanitary products.

In addition to giving food, Outwood Academy also offers a friendly chat and ‘help in finding help’ by directing clients toward further support services.

For anyone unable to access the Academy, we also have pre-packed emergency food boxes which can be delivered to clients if it is unreasonable for them to collect the food themselves – e.g. clients who cannot get to the Academy due to remoteness or incapacity, or when food is required.

Emergency food boxes have their own voucher attached to them (yellow voucher on single boxes, green voucher on family boxes) which must be completed.


We will supply you with vouchers against a unique reference number so we can track them back to the agency and ensure vouchers are not duplicated.

Vouchers are treated in confidence. We comply with the regulations regarding the holding of client information on a database.

Crisis Type Examples

The client is changing from disability living allowance to jobseekers allowance and there is a gap between payments due to the change.

Benefit Delays
The client’s benefits have been delayed due to an admin error.

Delayed Wages
The client is in work and their wages have not been paid on time.

The client is updating their budget to account for their debt payments.

*Homelessness *
The client is staying at a friend or relative’s house due to being made homeless and has access to cooking facilities. (Please see above for information on why we are unable to support rough sleepers).

Low Income
The client has received an unexpected bill and is struggling to pay it out of savings etc. The client might also fall into the category if they have had the wages frozen for the last few years and need to re budget due to increase costs of bills.

The client is unemployed and has successfully started a new job, but there is a short period of time between their last receipt of benefits and their first wage.

Child Holiday Meals
The client is struggling to feed their children during the school holidays’ as they would normally receive free school meals during term time.

Refused STBA (Short Term Benefit Allowances)
The client has applied for a STBA but has been refused.

If all other crisis categories have been exhausted and the client’s crisis is not one of the above, please tick other and write next to it what the crisis is.

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Please note that this is a collection only service