Continued Learning During Lockdown or Self Isolation

If your child is self-isolating and not ill we expect them to complete their schoolwork at home. This is via Google Classroom which is found at – if there are issues accessing IT or the internet at home please e-mail the relevant Learning Manager or call 0114 235 8120

  • Year 7 Ms Boyden –
  • Year 8 Mrs Simpson –
  • Year 9 Mr Edwards –
  • Year 10 Mr Stevens –
  • Year 11 Ms Unwin –

On the first day of absence the student should login to Google and they should find their classwork waiting for them there. If they have forgotten their login details please check their planner for the sticker with these details on. If there are still login issues please e-mail or alternatively call 0114 235 8120 The completion of work will be monitored. While excellent work will receive recognition in school, lack of work or poor work will result in a call home to offer support. We will make every effort to ensure that students do not fall behind due to these absences and so will ensure that they catch up upon their return.