Admissions to Outwood Academy City are controlled by Sheffield Local Education Authority. Full details of the Authority’s policy on admissions are given in the “Guide for Parents”, a copy of which is available below. At the academy, 240 students will normally be admitted in an academic year. This is the admission limit (AAL) set by the academy after consultation with the Academy Council and Local Authority. If the number of preferences received for the academy does not exceed the admission limit, all preferences will be met. All applications received will be considered in the following order:

• All first preferences received by the closing date;
• All second preferences received by the closing date;
• All late preferences received will be considered after the above in the following order: first preferences then second preferences.

However, if there are more applications for admission to the school than there are places available, preference will be given to children in the following order:

1. Children in care
2. Catchment area with sibling
3. Catchment area
4. Sibling of children refused a place at their catchment school
5. Siblings
6. Feeder School
7. Other applications

In all categories, when decisions have to be made between children satisfying the same criteria, children living nearest to the academy, measured as the crow flies, have priority. Where a child resides with more than one parent/carer, the LA will take the address where the child lives the majority of the time during the school week as the main place of residence for determining the catchment area. Where both parents make a separate preference for admission, we will take the preference form from the parent where the child lives predominantly.

Any new admission will be on a termly basis.